Rugby under 14ís

The aim of the under 14ís rugby high conditioning centre is to provide in-debith specialist rugby conditioning and education which is age, ability and physical maturity appropriate, categing to player aged between 6 and 13 years.

Visual Awareness program

The visual awareness program is a 4x1 hour program (1hr per week) consisting of peripheral vision exercises increasing the total PV (Left and right) to 270 degrees. Midi rugby balls are used to train the eyes to track ball motion in horizontal and vertical movement in the gym and then during practice simulations on the field.

  1. Ball/eye tracking, peripheral exercises – 1hour
  2. Field simulation of above – 1hour
  3. Ball tracking (passing, high, long) – 1hour

Players, once completing the 4hour visual awerness program, will maximise visual perception by exercising the eye muscles increasing peripheral vision and maintaining accurate ball skills with routine eye excercises. Repetition of ball passing and high/low catching will minimise the chances of ball being dropped.